Month: February 2018

How to build good soil

I am not a master gardener nor do I claim to be an expert in the field of micro biology but understanding how your soil works is an important part of growing. Even if you don’t know how to pronounce all those long words, the important part is knowing how those things work to improve your soil

Why I started with tarps!

The fence was falling apart. The horses were gone. Things were not normal in the pasture. There I was staring out into two acres. “So what the hell am I going to do now?” I thought. In the background, you can hear the squawk of a few chickens and the rattle of a few rabbit cages, as two of the four stalls in the barn still had animal life present. But what was I to do with the land? The empty stalls?

Why I started growing my own vegetables

There I was with almost three acres of empty pasture. The horses were gone. The riders were gone. All that was left was a beat up wooden fence, an electric line, and open pasture. Unsure of what my next move was going to be I decided to do what a lot of other people do when faced with a similar life situations. Google.

Animal Care at SCA Farms

Just like planting and harvesting vegetables, sometimes it’s the animals that get all the love. No worries. I try to keep it simple when it comes to upkeep because more time with them is less time growing produce. Here’s my daily ritual in a nutshell. Hope you enjoy!