Something Bigger

Truth be told, I think I always wanted to be a farmer. My oldest daughter reminded me that I told her many years ago, "one day, I will have some land, farm animals and maybe some horses." She reminded me of that dream and the passion for having a farm but it was my wife that rekindled it about 3 years ago.

After a not-so-traditional move out of our 2100 square foot home in the suburbs (for more on that story click here), we took the family we had at the time and moved out to a unique piece of property in Gray Court, SC.  I say unique because we learned more about the owner and builder of this cabin than any home we had ever owned. I dare say Susan Mcaninch was a person among a rare breed and I wish I would have known her while she was alive.

You won't see the horses anymore, there's plenty of backstories and will share in time.  I will share my thoughts on owning horses but for now, we are left with a couple of empty pastures and about 8 acres of wooded trails. We are starting a journey and I have no idea where it will lead. We are inviting you to join us. For better or for worse. This is our farm. SCA Farms.

scafarms chickens