Why I started growing my own vegetables
Stefan Holt, SCA Farmer
15 February 2018
There I was with almost three acres of empty pasture. The horses were gone. The riders were gone. All that was left was a beat up wooden fence, an electric line, and open pasture. Unsure of what my next move was going to be I decided to do what a lot of other people do when faced with a similar life situation. Google.
Empty Pasture
Photo taken Feb 2017

New Direction

Using google, I search for various strings that pertained to my situation. “What can you do on acre of land.” Then I searched for “half and acre.” And then, I got even smaller, knowing it was just me that would be doing the bulk of the work. “What can you do on a third of an acre.” That’s when I found this link:

and this guy:






And a new direction for my life.

Market Garden Hope

So there I was watching this video and wondering…wanting to know if I indeed I had a passion for growing and producing food. Would it make sense? Could I do it? I had never planted and grown anything to eat before. What is salanova anyway? I just kept asking myself “what the hell am I going to do with this land?” A lot of other questions kept circling my brain but there I was, watching video after video of Curtis Stone, the urban farmer.

What he said made sense. It was simple. Hard work but simple. He uncomplicated the complicated. I thought about the land, my life, and the people that shaped me into the person that I am today and there seemed to be common thread.

My grandma loved to garden and to be outside in the yard until it was impossible due to physical limitations. My dad, to this day, loves to buy loads of potting soil, fertilizer, and compost to manage his ever increasing garden. A garden that stretches into the driveway and butts up against the swimming pool my parents have in the backyard.

Although neither of them actively engaged me nor my siblings in growing and planting. Was it still within me?  You know, the same dna. The same wiring that propels a farmer to spend the rest of his life growing things. Very tough questions considering the thoughts I had at the time. Could I grow my own vegetables? Could I really do it?

The more I watched Curtis Stone, the more I learned. The more I thought that it was possible. Here was a guy who started out leasing land. Working hard. Being honest about his situation. The hardships. The emotional struggle. And much much more. Could Curtis really help me? Could I plant and grow like him?  Little did he know. He help me with so much more than just vegetables and why growing your own food is not only a great thing but that you can make a living doing it. Curtis Stone led me to JM Fortier, Diego Footer, Conor Crickmore and Neversink Farms, The Lean Farmer Ben Hartman, Eliot Coleman, and so many more.



How I make $75,000 on a 1/3 acre Video
The Urban Farmer September 2015
“So there I was watching this video and wondering…wanting to know if I indeed I had a passion for growing and producing food. Would it make sense? Could I do it?”
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